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Inner Warrior

Womans Self Defence Association


offer twice-weekly classes that are aimed at women who lack the confidence, or financial resources, to participate in mainstream exercise programmes. The course is designed to:


  • be accessible to all women regardless of their level of fitness.
  • increase health awareness
  • build self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • teach the women how to protect themselves.
  • give the women space and time to have fun and relax away from their children.
  • provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere where women feel confident to try new things.


Each term the women are invited to participate in grading assessment of their skills and fitness level. These assessments not only give the women attainable goals to focus on, but also promote a sense of pride in their achievement. Women who pass Level 1 are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and a free uniform. Subsequent levels will receive certificates and badges denoting level and grade achieved. Grading will go up to level 7 (equivalent to black stripe or pre black belt Korean Hapkido).


User participation in the structure/content of the courses is strongly encouraged. Members are asked to state their fitness goals at the start of each term, and are supported to achieve them. Feedback from previous classes has shown that as well as an increase in health awareness, the women learn how to protect themselves and their children, they develop personal fitness and interpersonal skills from working with and being part of a group. A professionally run crèche operates alongside the classes. This allows the under 5’s to socialise away from their mothers, in a safe and stimulating surrounding and acquaints them to the pre school environment, and provides the mothers with an often much needed break from childcare. The classes cost £3.50 for a two-hour session, and are free to Camden Sure Start members. The crèche facility is free to all participants.