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about us


About us


In October 2002 a group of women from Kentish town, all of who were survivors of some form of domestic violence, agreed that they needed to take positive action and learn to defend themselves.


They enlisted the help of professional martial artist Barry McGinley, who not only gave them a lot of sound advice but also offered to teach them.


Barry devised a programme of training that not only taught practical self-defence, but also developed strength fitness, and self-confidence.


As most of the women were single mothers, childcare was a significant issue. It was recognised that free crèche was essential so that the women could be able to focus on their own self-development without worrying about their children.

Future Plans.


Within the group there is a desire to develop links with other women’s support networks, and encourage new members. We are therefore seeking to expand our outreach to groups that we feel will benefit from our service.


If you or your organisation would like to become involved, please contact Nicole Gordon (project co-ordinator) 07958 - 664 -146 or email Nicole


Barry McGinley